FileProc is a utility that allows you to process files by executing a command or program that takes a file as a parameter. The files can be selected by the status of the archive flag as well as other criteria of your choice. FileProc runs under DOS/Win9x/WinMe/Win2000/WinXP/Win2003.


PropertiesPlus is an MS Explorer shell extension which adds file property settings to the popup menu.


SenseFolder is a small invisible program that displays a special Explorer folder called "My SenseFolder" every time you click your middle mouse button. You can group your favorite shortcut icons, files and folders in "My SenseFolder" and open it later from any program by clicking your middle mouse button.

Touch for Windows

Touch for Windows is a freeware File Manager extension that allows you to "touch" selected files. Touching a file sets the file's modification date and time, handy for new software releases and when "forcing" dependency files to be marked in a Visual Workshop project. Options are also included to quickly lock and unlock selected files.

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