JustZIPit is a tiny freeware ZIP program which simplifies ZIP compression to the bare bone! Discarding all clunky gadgets and wizards, JustZIPit ZIPs and Unzips with just one click from your context menu. No more interface nonsense -- JustZIPit and go! Hey, WinZip is a great program - with over 100 pages of in the user manual, it provides both function and entertainment. But if you just want to ZIP and Unzip, you'll love our freeware alternative "JustZIPit"!

Don't be fooled by JustZIPit's simplicity and small size -- this is a powerful little program. Have you heard WinZip bragging about it's "ZIP-to-Email" feature? Well, JustZIPit does that too. And how about "ZIP-64" support? JustZIPit does it even better! JustZIPit is blazingly fast and can burn through the most massive (multiple-Gigabyte) compression tasks -- which makes JustZIPit the tool of choice for large jobs such as backing up CDs and DVD!

Have you noticed lately that compression software is getting more and more complex with an ever-increasing number of obscure features? Too many features often confuses core functionality. What do you really want from a ZIP program? Probably a convenient way to ZIP and Unzip! That's all JustZIPit does -- and in the easiest way possible! Oh and free is good too!

And JustZIPit is really free! -- not just a "free download" -- that means no spyware, no ad-ware, no intrusive promotions etc. This is safe software! JustZIPit installs no "bundled" software or runtime libraries (no .NET, no VB, no Java, no MFC) in fact, no DLLs at all! It is just one single, self-installing file which you can share by just copying the file. Lightweight, easy to install, easy to delete. No DLL hell and no conflicts with other software! Simple and useful the way software should be!
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