Smart Chat

Smart Chat is an instant messaging application which provides video and audio conversation with high picture and audio quality and minimum bandwidth requirements.

Smart Chat is an eye catching application which provides free video and audio conversation using Account Creation or IP address as well as it performs Live Network Streaming. It supports all the features an instant messaging application has, such as Friend adding and instant mail sending. It has been developed with the purpose of consuming the minimum feasible network bandwidth rates and enjoying high video and audio quality in addition to high video frame rates. It uses XViD for compressing video and mp3 for compressing audio. These codecs are well known to be two of the best existent codecs. Live Network Streaming gives you the ability to share the video with ASF compression and be able to see it using Smart Chat or any other program that supports this format such as Windows Media Player. It supports also file sharing with real time ZIP based compression. Download this freeware


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