TaskZip is a great little backup tool which runs as a system agent. It will automatically archive specified files and folders into a single ZIP file (although ZIP-64 is not supported so don't try to backup huge folders).

TaskZIP works reasonably well over a network and also on removable media like ZIP and JAZZ drives and CDR (if you have CD file writing software). TaskZIP does not manage disk-spanning so make sure your backup will fit onto the target media

Backing up with TaskZIP is fairly easy if a bit kludgy (hey, it's free!). Just set up one or more "Backup Jobs" and let it run quietly in the background (although not as quietly as I would have liked.) The program's scheduler can run backups at any time, and you can set recurring schedules for running daily, weekly, or monthly backups. For each backup job, you can even maintain up to 99 older backup copies of each zip archive file.

TaskZIP also allows you to password protect the ZIP file archives. And although TaskZIP has no restoration features, it stores archives as standard ZIP files. If you don't have a good ZIP tool, go ahead and get yourself a free ZIP program. TaskZIP also allows you to forego compression completely -- dramatically speeding things up when you are backing up over a network connection.

Runs as a convenient icon in the System Tray area of the Windows taskbar. Useful little backup software.
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