7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.


ALZip is the easiest to use, most powerful, and by far the cutest compression utility available. The friendly and unpretentious interface of ALZip gives you instant access to raw archiving power.


The BCArchive software is designed to compress a group of files/folders to a single encrypted file.


Filzip is a freeware file archiver program for the Microsoft Windows platform. Filzip fully supports seven different archive formats, allowing the user to add and extract files from the archives. These include ZIP, BH, CAB, JAR, LHA (LZH), TAR, and gzip. A handful of other formats are supported for extraction only, including ACE, ARC, ARJ, RAR, and ZOO.


FreeZip is a small, fast and efficient Zip utility for compression and decompression of files and directories. FreeZip integrates with Windows Explorer and uses file associations and context menus to zip or unzip files and subdirectories. If you know how to use Windows Explorer, then you do not have to learn anything new to use FreeZip.


JustZIPit is a tiny freeware ZIP program which simplifies ZIP compression to the bare bone! Discarding all clunky gadgets and wizards, JustZIPit ZIPs and Unzips with just one click from your context menu. No more interface nonsense -- JustZIPit and go! Hey, WinZip is a great program - with over 100 pages of in the user manual, it provides both function and entertainment. But if you just want to ZIP and Unzip, you'll love our freeware alternative "JustZIPit"!


Zipeg is simple and free archive decompression utility for Windows. Zipeg opens ZIP, RAR, ARJ, LHA, 7z and many other types of archives. Zipeg helps to preview files and photos (.jpg, .png) before extracting them. Decompress, unzip, expand, extract or drag and drop exactly what you want to where you want.


ZipGenius is the absolutely free software for Windows that lets you compress files to almost any kind of archive. ZipGenius supports more than 20 compressed archive formats, including CD/DVD-ROM image files in ISO9660 standard. This is the file compression suite you were searching for: it is free and easy to use, plus it supports more than 20 formats of compressed archives, including RAR, ARJ, ACE, CAB, SQX, OpenOffice.org documents and the excellent 7-zip. ZipGenius now can precompress executable files going to be added to a ZIP archive through the UPX compressor.

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